Snake Charmer Book Cover R.R. Rogers
Snake Charmer

It had been a quiet night for small town Sheriff’s Deputy, Mark Miller, until he received a call from the dispatcher that was unlike anything the veteran law enforcement officer had ever experienced before.

A call so bizarre for the first time he's rattled. A giant reptilian predator native to South America loose inside a home in rural Kentucky.


Will he become a snake charmer?

Across the Universe

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Available Soon
Heart-Shaped Box

Stone was heartbroken when his fiancé, Jess, left him.


He thought his world was over. That he could never be the person he was before. That he could never recover from the pain and scars that were left.


He was at rock-bottom, when he discovered he was more than he would have ever imagined.

Hypocritical Kiss

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Eat the Rich

Available Soon
Given to Fly

Available Soon
Dead Flowers

Available Soon
Can't Stop Lovin' You

Available Soon
The Same Deep Water as You

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Available Soon
Happiness is a
Warm Gun

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Times of Trouble

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From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea: A Forest

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