This “literary mixtape” is a collection of 12 short stories (tracks) 

that span several genres.

Track Listing:

A Side

1. Snake Charmer

   (Crime Fiction)

2. Pretty Noose


3. Hypocritical Kiss

   (Sci-Fi, Romance)

4. Dead Flowers


5. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea:

    A Forest


6. Across the Universe


B Side

7. Times of Trouble

   (Historical ,Sci-Fi, Horror)

8. The Same Deep Water as You

   (Post-apocalyptic, Sci-Fi)

9. Given to Fly

   (Superhero, Fantasy)

10. Heart-Shaped Box

   (Fantasy, Romance)

11. Can't Stop Lovin' You


12. Eat the Rich

   (Zombie-inspired Horror)

*Lost in the Sun

(A three-part nonfiction essay about, "the birth place of  Rock 'n' Roll,"  legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.)

*The Corner of Main Street & Faust Avenue

(A Ten-Minute Play that's a comedic riff inspired by the story of Bluesman, Robert Johnson's crossroads deal with the devil.)

* Bonus Tracks exclusively available on 12 Tracks

Available Soon

12 Tracks

Apache Tears

In the Works